Welcome to CIITEC - We have the  right resources for your project!

CIITEC ApS are specialists in metal fabrication, assembly and servicing of a wide range of industrial equipment, centred on food production in Denmark and abroad.

About us

12 years’ experience
The company is located in the Aarhus area, Denmark, and was started by Charlie Møller with the ambition of developing an industrial partner for projects, and efficiency, quality, knowledge and experience are vital factors in CIITEC’s future development.

CIITEC comprises a dedicated team with more than 12 years’ experience of metal fabrication, machine assembly, installation, trouble-shooting and servicing industrial equipment and automated plant.

As a company we are flexible, with a professional approach and the ability to work to tight deadlines.

Focus on food production
CIITEC’s core area is in food production, and our greatest expertise is in the fish and poultry sectors. However, that does not prevent us from operating in other areas. We take up any challenging assignment with great enthusiasm.

We are active in the following industries among others:

  • Dairy
  • Biotech
  • Combined heat and power.

Vision and values
Our vision is to become our customers’ preferred partner for service and testing out ideas.

  • We are committed and goal oriented. We are in constant development and the services we provide follow global trends.
  • We are reliable and treat our customers with respect.
  • We do not aim to be the biggest, but to be the best at what we do.
  • We can offer our customers the best possible service – at a competitive price – and with focus on securing future collaboration.


There are occasions when it is difficult to find the right employee. As a rule he is needed in a period when there is no time to place a job advertisement, process applications and interview candidates. And will he then have precisely the qualifications you need in YOUR company?

– LET US DO IT FOR YOU!  We can give you peace of mind, so that you can concentrate instead on running your business.

With the help of our efficient search process and fine-meshed network we can find the manpower that suits your project or your daily production. Whether you are recruiting for permanent employment or for a shorter or longer-term temporary position, we can help you find new employees with the following skills:

  • Certified metalworkers (stainless steel, aluminium, black iron)
  • Machine fitters
  • Machine operators
  • Industrial electricians
  • Supervisors for mechanical and electrical work.

CIITEC is part of a nationwide network. We collaborate with partners in Denmark and in the United Kingdom, which means we are able to find highly qualified manpower in the industry.


2D/3D design
We can carry out technical design, product development and production optimisation in the fields of metal fabrication and machine production. Let us help with development from idea to finished product, in close dialogue with you and your organisation throughout all phases. We work in areas extending from simple metal fabrication tasks to heavy constructions in stainless steel or other selected materials.

The idea
Idea + Skills + Productivity = the right project

Together with you and your organisation we set up the framework to turn an idea into a project by gathering knowledge, research and analysis. Then we plan out a procedure to develop the idea further. When we receive a proposal for an idea, the following information is ready before the design phase begins:

  • Description of the assignment
  • Basic specifications
  • Objectives
  • An outline of the concept.

Design and development
We produce a physical version of your product with complete prototypes and functional models, which enable you to make decisions about the functionality of the specific product and carry out tests in the appropriate environment. When the design is completed, the following are in place:

  • Design in 2D or 3D
  • Prototypes and functional models
  • A cost-price assessment
  • User tests and stress tests
  • Production optimisation.

Factory relocation

Factory relocation and establishment in Denmark or abroad
CIITEC are specialists when it comes to relocating or closing factories in Denmark and abroad. When companies buy up, merge or move, it may be necessary to move the entire production plant or parts of it. Factory moves may for instance comprise stripping down and dismantling machinery and technical installations, transporting them, setting up new factory buildings and installing electricity, IT, water supplies, compressed air, ventilation, industrial flooring and crane deliveries and subsequently setting up machinery, running in and servicing.

Total solutions
For all this to succeed within the agreed time limits, it is an advantage to have a total supplier who can take charge and carry the full responsibility for performing all services in the time agreed. We prepare total solutions for relocating factories by means of coordination, collaboration and discipline between the separate units. Besides the skills involved in the operation, logistics are a crucial factor in keeping within the time schedule.


On-site and off-site project management
In food processing and other special projects, CIITEC’s on-site and off-site project management is fundamental for timing and budgets.

In line with goals and objectives
Through meticulous planning, organisation and administration of resources, we ensure that food processing and other forms of production run successfully according to goals and objectives. Quality plans can be developed for all food processes and special production types. They provide the critical control to ensure that statutory requirements are met, including witnesses for critical inspections, tests, or starting up projects and future operation.

Surveillance of performance and safety
As your project manager we carry out surveillance of the performance and safety of your project from start to finish, in order to achieve the set goals for quality assurance and cost-effective and profit-yielding processing of foods and other forms of special production.


12 years’ experience of on-site maintenance
CIITEC has more than 12 years’ experience of on-site maintenance and service contracts. We perform these services in consultation with the customer’s project or technical department and our own resources in the relevant area. We have flexible partnerships in a solid network, our customers have high expectations of the assignments to be carried out and confidently let us take the responsibility.

Professional, cost-effective services
We can provide professional, cost effective recruitment services to find full-time staff, and we can share experience and know-how to meet your industrial maintenance requirements. We deploy experienced personnel, including plumbers, fitters, machine operators and other specific skilled manpower.

We provide support
We take on industrial service and maintenance contracts that support, for instance:

  • Systems for handling live animals
  • Process equipment for processing foods
  • Automated logistics systems and sorting equipment
  • General fabrication and maintenance.

Routine system maintenance
We specialise in providing high quality routine system maintenance in the form of systematic checking, regular reviews, reporting and repairs to ensure that all operations are running according to your requirements. We attach great importance to our customers’ efficiency, as well as our own. Minimise your downtime and achieve maximum efficiency through a combination of our experience, expertise, skills and knowledge.